The following are reviews from both sides of the coin that I work with!

‘The understanding of your own vibration gives you a deeper understanding of you seek’

The Book of You Review - Karen

‘Siobhán is reliable with fresh ideas on how to keep my business current’

Branding Services - Sharon

‘I didn’t realise that numerology was so prevalent in our soul paths! This personal e-book is such a handy guide for me even with my years of soul searching. It just makes sense.’

The Book of You Review - Louise

‘Wellféis was an amazing experience, it opened my eyes to different avenues and perspectives. I learned more over 2 days than 13 years of therapy’

Wellféis Wellness Festival Review - Ciara

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‘This e-book touches on all the main energies you want to incorporate into your life while also learning something about yourself, whether you are well versed in your spiritual journey or just starting off. This is a lovely little guide and reminder just for me’

Client Testimony - Louise C.

‘Numerology is the bridge between who you are now and who you are destined to be’

Everything is energy and energy is also numbers!!

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‘Understanding yourself and your Soul Path is a form of Self-Care’

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