The Book of ‘You’

I fully believe that our journey is written out for us already - From the day we are born, we have a purpose. We each hold an infinite potential of power in ourselves, unique and incomparable to others. Your general guidance can be read through energy, and as everything is energy, this book is a translation of you, A guide to keep you on track.

Using Numerology methods, I will work out your Life Path and Destiny Number using your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and your full name. Numerology the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers.

Finally, I will suggest certain oils, Crystals, colours - depending on what comes through for you to follow-up on and choose for yourself. This is for you to incorporate into your everyday life to strengthen .Research is a powerful tool in anyone's spiritual journey. I implore you to research all of the topics mentioned in the guide to fully indulge in your life's purpose and path.

Breakdown of e-book:

  • Life Path Calculation

  • Destiny Number Calculation

  • 3 Card Spread - Oracle Reading

  • Angel Work - Tools & Elements

  • Personalised Visualisation Meditation

Each reading is completely unique to the individual. I just need a few details in order to complete this in depth guide.

These readings cost 27euros.

The Process is as follows -

  • Fulfil the form below with your details

  • You will then be sent a link to invest in your reading

  • You will receive your reading/e-book in pdf form

Freedom is waiting…..

Get your ‘Book of You’ below

Just fill out the form, once you have paid for the reading. You will be on the list for the week to receive your reading.

*Reminder - These readings take time and are totally personalised to you.

Life Path Reading

This is a calculation of your DOB and a Life Path number gives you an indication of your soul purpose.

These Calculations are € 10 and results are sent to your email within 3 working days.

Destiny Number Reading

Using your name, I can calculate your destiny number which is an indication as to how your journey will look..

These Calculations are € 10 and results are sent to your email within 3 working days.

Life Path & Destiny Number Reading

This is a reading of both your life path & destiny number. The to readings can give you a complimentary look at your soul code and help you navigate your journey by understanding yourself and therefore living life to its full potential!

This reading is € 15 - and results are sent to your email within 3 working days.

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‘Understanding yourself and your Soul Path is a form of Self-Care’

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